Sprint BMX Training ($150 per month)

#TeamTHoff offers BMX sprint training plans that will help you improve in the areas you feel you need improvement most for your BMX performance.  These plans are pre-written plans and offer you weekly structure on how to approach your sprints.  Whether its a small tune-up or you want to get prepared for your next big BMX race in a couple of months, #TeamTHoff BMX sprint plans are designed with your specific needs in mind. 

       package includes

  • Pre-written BMX training plans from 4-12 weeks
  • Strength, Power, Speed, Speed Endurance, Muscular Endurance plans available.
  • 1 weekly check-up via phone, email, video chat for questions, concerns etc.


Performance BMX Training ($300 per month)

#TeamThoff performance BMX training package is a professional grade program made accessible to all. A performance coaches job goes beyond simply sending an athlete out to do the work.  This package offers a custom tailored program that is proven to be the most efficient possible with the use of technology. By the use of timers in sprint training Tony is able to analyze the data and use it to better write your BMX training program based on how your body responds, keeping you competing at your best form possible. 


  • Monthly hand-written BMX training program
  • Cloud based schedule- Mobile phone accessible
  • BMX training sprint times analysis monthly
  • Contact up to 3 times weekly via Phone, email, video chat

Elite BMX Training ($400 per month) 

The BMX Elite training package is the highest quality coaching package you can find.  This package will offer you the most out of your BMX training and leave no stone unturned.  The Elite package is the most technologically advanced BMX training program in the sport of BMX racing, with daily reviews of and data provided by a variety feedback through training devices and athlete input, there will be no guessing if you are doing the right things for your BMX training. 


  • Daily hand-written BMX training program
  • Cloud based schedule- Mobile phone accessible
  • BMX Sprint Time analysis daily
  • BMX Power Meter analysis daily
  • Velocity based strength & conditioning program & analysis daily
  • HRV analysis daily
  • Dietary blood analysis quarterly
  • Unlimited contact via Phone, email, video chat