Tony Hoffman "THoff"

THoff, former USABMX AA-Pro, is the mind behind #TeamTHoff.  It started in his early days of pro racing as an A-pro.  His BMX training was overseen by a group of coaches driven and passionate about data collection and utilizing technology in training. THoff won 5 races his first year racing A-pro and immediately moved into AA-pro where he made several main events before suffering a career ending knee injury in 2011. 

THoff began small levels of BMX Training plans in 2010 and like his own coaches, pursued understanding technology and how to use it as a guide in building better BMX training programs, faster athletes and ways to stay in touch with athletes from around the globe. He has had the honor of working with Olympians, World Champions, National Champions & State Champions but pursues helping athletes of all ages and proficiencies chase their dreams using his BMX training programs.


Provide quality BMX training programs and personal interaction with BMX athletes that help make them successful.

Regardless if it’s an Olympian or just a local racer who wants to better themselves, I see Tony put all of his heart and effort into each athlete.
— Brooke Crain- Haro-Rockstar- 2012 Olympian