27 Pictures That Are Life If You Train For BMX Racing

1) When you're pulling in Friday practice

2) How you look doing dynamic warm Up

3) When you are asked to do a full lap in practice


4) When a member of the squad remembers to bring the bluetooth speaker to training

2016-01-20 (3).gif

5) After you say "one more time"

6) When your session is almost over but you're slowly losing the desire to live. 

7) But then your coach is all:

8) Which changes absolutely nothing.

9) Because your legs are literally on fire.

10) But when your done any flat surface will make for a perfect bed


11) But it all pays off when you go to a race and feel this good:


12) After you finish a training session with Derek Betcher

13) When coach says lets take it easy today

14) How you feel while training

15) How you look


16) How you feel after finishing your last set of legs

17) When you're under the squat bar waiting for the beat to drop

18) When the guy next to you is about to break his back from deadlifts.

19) After training outside in the winter

20) When your song comes on before a set

21) When your coach tries to explain the kind of training you are doing today

22) When you only get 1 min rest between sets

23) When your workout is so hard you have pre for breakfast

24) When a person asks if you're going to lift that much

25) When a person next to you is lifting with terrible form

26) When your training partner beats your sprint time

27) The look your neighbors give you while you're doing sprints

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